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Burgerville tops out again

You can’t beat Burgerville for fast food. Grass fed beef, humanely raised bacon, radicchio in the house salad, delectable Walla Walla onion sauce on a big burger, sweet potato fries, local fruit milkshakes. . . . Last week, while enjoying … Continue reading

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Stupid Safeway door

The new (well, it’s maybe a year old) Safeway at SE 27th and Hawthorne has a door that opens directly onto the curb cut where one can cross Hawthorne at 28 Avenue. It works great if one is exiting the … Continue reading

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Channeling Babette

This is a long post because I have a lot to say. If bored, skip to the image at the end. I promise to post something shorter soon. It’s the meds, stupid What a difference a tiny pill—in this case, … Continue reading

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Whipped cream experiment

Here’s an exercise in patience: try whipping cream by hand using your nondominant hand. I’d like to say that I have done that, but frankly, I am too impatient. The best I can do is to trade off to my … Continue reading

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Mac, DOS, and the Catholic Church

I’ve never plagiarized anything before, but I love this thought from [Y]ou did know – didn’t you? – that Eco was the guy behind that unforgettable Mac versus DOS metaphor. That in one of his weekly columns he first … Continue reading

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Perfect rock

Possession is nothing; memory is everything. As I was preparing to move into a new apartment (in the same building) a few years ago, I came upon a perfect rock. I was out walking and the rock was sitting on … Continue reading

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