I can’t stop becoming. This has its good points—I’m always changing, perhaps for the better. Life is interesting. And its less good points—the puzzle pieces are still scattered on the table and I can’t make out the picture.

I’m a confirmed dilettante, a blasted butterfly, flitting from flower to flower. This has its good points—lots of variety of experience, for one. And its less good points—breadth at the expense of depth.

As for the more conventional “about” information, I grew up in Minnesota but went to college at UC Berkeley and have lived in Portland, OR, since 1974. I am journalist who took early retirement (a buyout) in 2008. I do some editing for other people; I do some writing for myself.

My days are full: reading, writing, sewing, quilting, knitting, walking, traveling, playing the violin at church and in bluegrass jams. I have a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis which slows me down, so it takes a long time to do many simple tasks, like cooking, which I love.

I am happily married to the esteemed Robert Jaffe. I have two outstandingly wonderful children, Lyza Danger and Maggie.

Most of the time I live in the present, my heart brimful of appreciation and gratitude.

My favorite word is gravid.

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  1. Fran: I could use some pointers on how to set up my wordpress account. I believe that is the system you use. Maybe not. Anyway, I like your blog. The content of course, but also the design of it, with the subscription section and the categories. Take a look at mine — it’s just starting out, but it lacks the finesse of yours and though I have a woman I’m working with, perhaps there would be a way I could hire you and we could look at it together and you could help me along. Anyway, I have been enjoying your posts.

    Stephanie Oliver

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