Burgerville tops out again

You can’t beat Burgerville for fast food. Grass fed beef, humanely raised bacon, radicchio in the house salad, delectable Walla Walla onion sauce on a big burger, sweet potato fries, local fruit milkshakes. . . .

Last week, while enjoying a lower-carb burger basket—you can order one  with a salad and milk instead of fries and a soft drink—I saw a new item on the breakfast menu: Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal. This is seriously cool.

BRM, a local Oregon business, is the pinnacle of down-home value and goodness. Go find grains, spices, rice, lentils, nuts, and all sorts of other good stuff, much of it organic, in packages and in bulk at Bob’s  headquarters on International Way in Milwaukie. When he retired a few years ago, Bob Moore gave the company to its employees, who run it with gusto.

Contrast this to my former employer, The Oregonian, which is disrespecting both readers and employees by cutting back daily delivery for the former and laying off the latter wholesale. The company is in the black, and it’s continuing to fatten the bottom line without any soul attached.

I like to buy local, even the local newspaper (dang!), and I like good food. I don’t often eat fast food, but when I do, it’s always Burgerville. Yay, team!


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