Whipped cream experiment

Here’s an exercise in patience: try whipping cream by hand using your nondominant hand.

I’d like to say that I have done that, but frankly, I am too impatient. The best I can do is to trade off to my left hand (I’m right-handed) for a dozen strokes or so at a time.

It pains me to be that impatient, but when I am whipping cream, I am dealing with an immediate need. I want to indulge in that cream right away. I are not making whipped cream for some other, later event.

That is the power of immediate gratification. Even a saint might find it hard to whip cream with his nondominate hand.

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  1. Jeff H. says:

    The only way I am going to whip cream successfully if I use my right hand (non-dominant) is if I use an immersion blender. Otherwise, it would never get whipped.

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