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I’m still here

I appreciate my blog. I do. I appreciate my daughter Lyza for quietly renewing the URL every year. It’s just that there are so many other things to do than write entries in it. Things mostly involving fabric and yarn, … Continue reading

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I can see clearly now

I  look at my face in the mirror and think, this is how I am going to look for the rest of my life. I wander into the bathroom late in the evening and start to wash my hands before … Continue reading

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Library serendipity

The more information we have available, the narrower our focus. We can’t read all the news that’s out there, so we focus on just the topics that interest us. The daily newspaper used to be a feast of serendipity. There … Continue reading

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Roasted pumpkin seeds

Some of my clearest memories of living in Bloomington, MN, as a child are of fall produce stacked in an open cinder-block stand run by college students. In those days, I didn’t like squash—it took sweet, tender-fleshed Delicata, developed in … Continue reading

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First-ever letter to the editor

I worked for The Oregonian as an editor and reporter for 34 years, ending with a buyout in 2008. So I always had a platform for ideas I thought were important. That all ended with a buyout in 2008. I … Continue reading

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Burgerville tops out again

You can’t beat Burgerville for fast food. Grass fed beef, humanely raised bacon, radicchio in the house salad, delectable Walla Walla onion sauce on a big burger, sweet potato fries, local fruit milkshakes. . . . Last week, while enjoying … Continue reading

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Stupid Safeway door

The new (well, it’s maybe a year old) Safeway at SE 27th and Hawthorne has a door that opens directly onto the curb cut where one can cross Hawthorne at 28 Avenue. It works great if one is exiting the … Continue reading

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Channeling Babette

This is a long post because I have a lot to say. If bored, skip to the image at the end. I promise to post something shorter soon. It’s the meds, stupid What a difference a tiny pill—in this case, … Continue reading

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Whipped cream experiment

Here’s an exercise in patience: try whipping cream by hand using your nondominant hand. I’d like to say that I have done that, but frankly, I am too impatient. The best I can do is to trade off to my … Continue reading

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Mac, DOS, and the Catholic Church

I’ve never plagiarized anything before, but I love this thought from [Y]ou did know – didn’t you? – that Eco was the guy behind that unforgettable Mac versus DOS metaphor. That in one of his weekly columns he first … Continue reading

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