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A dot of happy

I use vintage handkerchiefs, found over the years in a dozen places. Some are in better shape than others, and as I carry them about from day to day, they wear out in their different ways. Some of them I … Continue reading

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Same as it every was

I’ve been reading History of the Great American Fortunes, a book published in 1909 by Gustavus Myers. Myers may well have been a Marxist, but his social commentary is right on the mark as he calls out the rich and powerful … Continue reading

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Bucket baloney

Despite my resolution for this month (February), to avoid thinking, saying or writing negative things, I can’t get a recent Editorial Notebook from the New York Times out of my head. The title is “Last Things First for Patients With … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday. I saw it on Facebook.

My birthday is in a couple of days, January 1 to be exact.  If this year is like previous years, I will get several dozen Happy Birthday messages on Facebook, most of them from people I know more or less … Continue reading

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Don’t sweat the pumpkin seeds

  Just a seasonal reminder: if you are roasting seeds from your Halloween pumpkin, you don’t need to clean off all the pulp from every last one. Separating the seeds from the pulp is messy but fun in a visceral sort of … Continue reading

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It's just a kitchen, cluttered –but the colors! I love color.

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Memories and fabric

On her While She Naps blog, quilter and designer Abby Glassenberg describes a new project, a quilt with 99 hexagons, each one representing a fabric in her stash. “I’ve had some of these fabrics for more than 10 years,” she … Continue reading

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A little notice

Jessica Skultity at The Wonky Press (issue #39: Why I’m Writing a Book, Bright Yellow Quilts, and Some Great Links) has said some kind things about a little quilt I made earlier this year. Since it was for a baby, I used … Continue reading

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January signs

On Jan. 2, 2017, which was the New Year’s holiday this year, I found a couple of interesting signs near where SE Powell meets 50th and Foster Road. The grammatically challenged sign below was, sadly, on the door of the … Continue reading

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Vegetables for breakfast; lentils and labne

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