Stupid Safeway door

Stupid safeway doorThe new (well, it’s maybe a year old) Safeway at SE 27th and Hawthorne has a door that opens directly onto the curb cut where one can cross Hawthorne at 28 Avenue. It works great if one is exiting the store; however, it only opens one way.


So if I am going to Safeway with my walker, and I cross Hawthorne at 28th, I can’t get into Safeway through the door that is right in front of me. The door opens outward rather than sliding like most supermarket doors, and is marked “exit only.” Were I not using the walker, this would not be any big deal, but as I am walking with the walker,  it is a royal pain to have to walk several yards to go into another door. I only have so many energy units, after all.

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