Dear God,

Make this the best day.

Let it be the day I love the most

The day I am loved the most

The day I am most just

The day I act with the most integrity

            Listen with the clearest ear

            Feel the most joy.

Let it be the day of least clutter

            Of thoughts

            Of objects

            Of things

            Of mind

Do not shield me from sorrow

No, let this be the day of the purest grief

            The greatest fear 

            The greatest anger

            And the greatest will 

                        To fight

                        To resolve

                        To overcome

                        To accept.

Let this be a day when through my will

I am willing

When through my willingness

I am free

When I am free

I am forgiven

I forgive.

When I am loved

I love.

When I weep

The tears are pure

The heart is cleansed.

At the end of this day

I offer you my clean heart

My placid mind

My willing spirit.

Fold them to your bosom

And make the tomorrow the best day, too.

—Fran Gardner

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