Now that everyone has gotten whatever surprises there were, here are some of the things I’ve been working on in past months. Mostly, though, I forget to take photos before I give things away.

I enjoyed making these cute little felt “sugar cookies” with beaded “sprinkles” wrapped up in a little bag.



20160202_115422I made at least 10 of these from October 2015 to January 2016. Three were part of an auction at St. David of Wales Episcopal Church in Portland. I made four others for gifts, and someone who saw the items at the auction commissioned another three. Payment for those was a donation to the church.

The sugar cookie sacks are one of many cute designs in the book Zakka Style, compiled by Rashida Coleman-Hale (Stash Books).

Here’s a redwork quilt I made for my grandson, Augie. That’s Robert behind the quilt. The cartoons are from a booklet called Animal Behavior by Marytime Design of Portland. The cover advertises 10 designs, but there were actually 12.

20160112_195647It’s hand quilted with quilting thread in the center squares, white Perle cotton in the freehand red border, and red Perle in the outer border.

I don’t have a picture of the socks I knitted Robert, but, quickly, here are some other things I’ve worked on recently.

Small quilt made for Anne Bermingham and Catherine Sanborn in 2015.

Small quilt made for Anne Bermingham and Catherine Sanborn in 2015.



The photo doesn’t do this small red quilt justice–the reds are all blown out, and the one block that’s a coffee cup rather than a star is hard to see. But Catherine and Anne like it, and because Robert and I did too, I’m hand-piecing another one like it.




20150806_104643Miles of scrappy border using cash register tape as a foundation.

A couple of aprons made from large men’s shirts.


An apron with simple embroidery.

20150806_105558And a bunch of potholders I can’t find the photos for …


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