100 happy days

I’m pretty much happy all the time now. No work pressure. No money pressure. Robert and I live comfortably in our beautiful home, with plenty to eat, warm beds, and all the reading material we can consume. I love taking care of our home, finding a place for everything. My daughter Maggie is the one who’s pregnant, but I am engaged in my own nesting.

I have friends. I enjoy many creative vocations: writing, music, quilting, knitting, cooking, sewing, artwork…

I have energy. So I don’t walk so fast—but I am walking, and playing the violin, and spending hours each day in the kitchen. I am even sleeping better.

So when I encountered  an initiative challenging me to post something that makes me happy for 100 days, I figured: I can do that.

The website notes that 71 percent of people don’t finish the 100 days. I don’t think that’s because they can’t sustain happiness: life just overtakes them. I’ll likely be one of the non-finishers; it’s so easy to forget to post.

But in the meantime, I’m sticking the posts on their own page so they don’t clutter the blog (click on #100 happy days at the bottom of the header or on the menu to the right). They are also posting on my Facebook page every day.

This is the first image I posted. Feb 17. It made me happy to get the meat out of a Brazil nut in one piece.

The cute little plate is part of a set Lyza gave me that make me happy every time I use them. There’s a little bird face under the nutmeats. The four plates come in two designs, and they fit perfectly over a coffee mug to keep the contents hot.



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  1. It’s hard to explain why, but I love this post even though I don’t know what the 100 days of happiness is all about. It sounds like a good project. But back to the reasons I love this post:first, it made me feel good just to read it. Then the photo of a Brazil nut freed from it’s shell was unusual and funny. Only a few times in my life have I cracked a Brazil nut open and had to pry the broken nut out of its womb. I buy them already cracked. The next reason I liked this post was the comment about the dishes. I liked the design a lot. Then I wanted the pieces of shell to move over so I could see the bird….really. I want to see that bird.

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