I forgot a letter

My letter to the editor of The Oregonian (see earlier post) wasn’t my first one after all. I had forgotten about an item in the September 2013 issue of O Magazine (Oprah).

I answered the question of the month, which was: “If you could make over anything, what would it be?”

Personal medical equipment—so it doesn’t scream, “look at me! I’m disabled or sick!” Why can’t my wheelchair be covered in a bright floral fabric? I’d love it if my cane could be made of beautiful inlaid wood instead of aluminum and plastic.

I’d love to create a medical equipment company to make life tools disguised as pieces of art. I have a great desire for a reacher made of laminated hardwood. What I have is dreck.  At least I’ve been able to cover the “Invacare” logo on my two walkers with decorative fabric patches.

What is Invacare thinking? Why would anyone want to display a logo like that?

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