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I can’t seem to get moving with “real” writing: the several fiction and nonfiction projects I am pursuing as books, but I have done some minor work. (There is an embedded link for each item, but they don’t appear unless you mouseover. Sorry about that.)

  • For Suite 101, articles on the new MS therapy, fingolimod, which may be useful in treating primary progressive MS, and on Oregon cranberries, which really are more flavorful than other varieties.
  • Several reviews for Video Librarian. Search for “Gardner” here. Everything from January 2010 onward is mine.
  • The occasional book review for New Connexion. I’m not particularly proud of these minireviews, but I like the free books. Just the latest one seems to be available.
  • Finally, I just noticed that Journey magazine lists me as a contributing editor. Quite a fancy title for a fact checker.
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